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The Last Post

March 31, 2015 / The Last Post

Hilary’s Places first went live on March 29, 2013, and now it is time for me to move on to something else fun and, hopefully, productive.  There are 104 blog posts, one for each week of the two years, and 20 travel journals+images, on my website now.   Those seem like nice round… Read More

Missing Alyson

March 26, 2015 / Missing Alyson

An hour ago I was riding the bus home from my water aerobics class in Harvard Square.  I saw a police car ahead of us, its lights flashing slowly, and then realized that in front of it was a line of cars carrying purple FUNERAL flags, led by another police car with slowly-flashing lights. Oh dear,… Read More

The Last Day of Winter

March 19, 2015 / The Last Day of Winter

Maybe you have read that our Boston winter set a record.   Yup, since they began keeping track of these things in 1872, this has been the snowiest winter in the history of the city.  One hundred eight and six-tenths of an inch of snow fell on us.  In February alone, a relentless parade… Read More

Your Eyes and Your Head

March 17, 2015 / Your Eyes and Your Head

So—I just returned from a glorious and gorgeous week’s cruise in the Caribbean.  Everywhere you look, from the ship or the shore (on these cruises) is that fantastical and improbable turquoise water.  (Don’t the cruise lines put dye in there every morning??)   Anyhow,… Read More

The Year of the Sheep

March 06, 2015 / The Year of the Sheep

Or the goat or ram, depending on which you like.  It turns out that the Chinese word for the zodiacal animal of this year can mean any of these, although “sheep” is especially good since apparently the word in Chinese looks as if it has a pair of curvy sheepish horns. In spite of bone-numbing… Read More

Words from the Dalai Lama

February 25, 2015 / Words from the Dalai Lama

Just now I was doing my little exercises with my weights here in my office and my eye happened to fall upon a small wall hanging with some words of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Buddhists.  Twice I have been fortunate enough to have been in his presence at a public talk,… Read More

A Mutual Language

February 24, 2015 / A Mutual Language

Yesterday afternoon we trudged through the snow and ice and crowded onto barely-running public transportation to get into the city for a concert.   We came to hear the Mahler Chamber Orchestra play three Beethoven piano concertos.   Demanding of both performers and listeners.  … Read More

Terrifying Splendor in the Heavens

February 21, 2015 / Terrifying Splendor in the Heavens

Did you see this fantastical sight in the night sky around 6:30 EST on Friday, February 20?  Just past dusk, I was finishing my half-hour of meditation in my little office here at home.  The gong sounded on my iphone, signaling the half hour, and I opened my eyes and sat quietly for a minute… Read More

Snowing, Again

February 15, 2015 / Snowing, Again

(images I made of snowflakes on my pink and black mitten)   It’s snowing, again.  This bit wasn’t even in the forecast when I looked at it very early this morning.  The flakes are large, and gently flying sideways.  Or, when they get near my window, they float up. … Read More


January 31, 2015 / Snowstorm

This time, we all got plenty of warning.  It was going to be a humdinger, the forecasters said.  There was even talk of The Great Blizzard of ’78.  Friday afternoon, after listening for a while to the dire talk about the three feet due on the weekend, my husband suggested we do our… Read More