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At Breakfast, Virtually

January 27, 2015 / At Breakfast, Virtually

A friend recently forwarded to me a set of cartoons showing folks attending to their screens while in situations one might describe as social in some way.  The taglines were funny, joking about how people were interacting with the virtual instead of the real. Now, mostly I am distressed about this. … Read More

African Circle

January 09, 2015 / African Circle

From the African Circle journal of June 2001:   Suddenly, with no warning, as we walk in Zambia this morning, I am stunned to feel that I have come straight into a place of my childhood, a thicket of low curving-over shrubs, making a secret tiny glen, where with my little friend Chloe I used to… Read More

A Christmas Day Walk

December 29, 2014 / A Christmas Day Walk

Years ago, when both my Mother and my younger daughter were still living, my husband and I would find a fine outdoor place to go walking with them on Christmas Day.  Once, it was by the ocean; I have pictures of my darling Mother, who went about 5’ 1”, well-bundled up in one of my large… Read More

Driving Away the Dark

December 18, 2014 / Driving Away the Dark

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are fast approaching the shortest day. I have been keeping track for a couple of weeks.  Right now, on December 18, following what had been our steady progress into the dark, though stuck for the past three days at 9 hours, 5 minutes of daylight, today we are down… Read More

December 09, 2014 / Faithful in New Haven

Hello, person in New Haven, Connecticut, and how I wonder who you are.  (But don’t tell me!) My web designer fixed me up with a Google service which allows me to see things about activity on my website, including, if I click enough times, the cities my visitors live in (or at least from which… Read More


December 09, 2014 / Persistence

Thanksgiving week we went to New York City and from there to New Jersey to spend the holiday with our older daughter and her family. In The City (I suppose there is another city, but), I introduced my husband to the pleasures of walking The High Line, the elevated linear park reclaimed from an abandoned… Read More

Not For Children

December 08, 2014 / Not For Children

A mother to her young child, as we started down the ramp to Ground Zero, impatience and anxiety in her voice, “It’s a different kind of museum.”  Indeed. The worst was the object labeled “Composite”.  It had its own separate place, somewhat apart from the other… Read More

My Water-Meadow

November 19, 2014 / My Water-Meadow

If you have read novels set in England maybe you have read the lovely word Water-Meadow.  “Meadow” is one of my favorite words, and when I first read about water-meadows I saw a wonderful image in my mind’s-eye.  A green meadow, sparkling with rivulets of water that glittered… Read More

Cheer at the Dog Park

November 18, 2014 / Cheer at the Dog Park

Often I walk down the street to the park near our house (  Not only is it a lovely place, with fine vistas, playing fields, a track where sometimes I walk a speedy mile, a playground, and lots of young trees, and a wetland, but it… Read More

October 30, 2014 / Grief in the Funhouse

Yeah.  Do you remember as a kid, at your local amusement park, doing the ride where you all got into a little car, which rode on a track into a dark tunnel, and the track and you in the car on it rode around in the stuffy blackness smelling a little of oil, around curves and maybe up and down little… Read More