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At Breakfast, Virtually

January 27, 2015 / At Breakfast, Virtually

A friend recently forwarded to me a set of cartoons showing folks attending to their screens while in situations one might describe as social in some way.  The taglines were funny, joking about how people were interacting with the virtual instead of the real.

Now, mostly I am distressed about this.  I mean, here we are surrounded by, embedded in, this astonishing and gorgeous world, not to mention all of the people in it, and instead of paying attention to it and them, we would rather look at pictures of the same.

However, the other morning at breakfast with my husband, I had to rethink my position.   Because there we sat across the dining room table from each other, each of us with our tiny machines in hand above the coffee cups.   But guess what?  Each of us was in fact reading the New York Times.  We shared comments about articles we were reading, discussed our favorite columnists’ rants, and called each other’s attention to interesting items the other might have missed, and read the best bits out loud to each other.

You know?  So maybe I had better reserve judgment, at least a tiny bit.  That would be a good thing, not to be too judgmental. 


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