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December 09, 2014 / Faithful in New Haven

Hello, person in New Haven, Connecticut, and how I wonder who you are.  (But don’t tell me!)

My web designer fixed me up with a Google service which allows me to see things about activity on my website, including, if I click enough times, the cities my visitors live in (or at least from which they access my site), and even, I discovered recently, the dates on which they do so.  Very exciting!  Of course, I do not know who you are, you various readers, nor your addresses nor any of that sort of thing, but I do know where you are. 

The interesting thing is that I get hits from all over the world, though the vast majority of them click right on through since they are not looking for what I have on my site.  Some of them, as I understand it (dimly understand) make money somehow by clicking on vast numbers of sites.  Whatever.  That’s ok.  It is fun to look at the Google service and see that I have been in some fashion in unknown places in Asia, or South America.  Unknown to me, at least.  However, behind each click is a person, one way or another.

Hello to them, too, as well as you, my faithful reader from New Haven. 

I have been sluggish of late, in posting new things, but I assure you there is an Africa journal coming pretty soon (Namibia), probably to be followed by another (an eclipse, and Zambia), and another (Scotland).   And there will be always be blog posts, since I can’t help writing.

Thank you for your trust and your interest.  They are gratefully received!


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