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It’s All In Our Heads

October 02, 2014 / It’s All In Our Heads

For a while now I have been going to a little meditation group once a week.  It is good to sit in focused silence for half an hour, letting go of things if possible.  After our daughter died, I felt the surrounding comfort of the group, and that was good, too.

Then we went to Cape Cod for a month, and I thought I would try meditating at the same time as our small group.  I emailed the leader, and told her what I was going to be doing.  She said that they would hold me in their hearts at that time; that also was good.

One meditation day, before the group meeting hour, I was having a specially hard time about Alyson’s death, and I emailed the leader, just telling her.  Instantly she emailed back, “I am surrounding you with warmth and light RIGHT NOW.”

Well, whaddya know.  It actually worked.  I mean, as soon as I read her words, it seemed that a warm sort of glow spread around my body, and in my heart, I felt an almost instant lifting of grief.  Amazing and wonderful.  And that was very good.

A couple of days later, I emailed her that her transmission of warmth had been received.  “Of course,” I added wryly, “it’s all in our heads anyway.”   She responded, “Not all of it.”

I disagree.  The origins of everything we know and sense are outside our bodies.  And then in order for us to experience knowing and sensing, it’s all got to travel around in our brains.  Quite remarkable, isn’t it?

Surely a unique-in-all-the-Universe arrangement of atoms and molecules, wouldn’t you think?

My meditation leader has since allowed as how Yes, even her transmission-received warmth and love was given and delivered all in our two heads.   

You can travel a lot all in your head.  You have been doing that as you read, of course.  And that is so very good!

It’s All In Our Heads


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