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April 18, 2014 / Keeping Up To Date

It seems hardly a day passes without some horrific news of disaster.  Here in the Boston area we have just marked the one year that has passed since the Marathon bombings.   Recently an entire 777 aircraft vanished with all souls onboard, apparently into thin air.   Yesterday a ferry sank, carrying several hundred high school students to their deaths.   The country of my Mother’s birth, Ukraine, is suddenly of an uncertain safety. 

Not to dwell on these bad things, but they remind me again that when I leave my home to go anywhere, even to the market to buy Easter foods and flowers today, I must take the time to be up to date.  “I love you,” I say to my husband before I walk out the door. 

“Oh look, there’s a really plump robin,” I can take time to observe to myself.  “And I see the forsythia is in full bloom in that yard, and the early magnolias are just opening.  Even though it’s cold, I can smell the spring.”

You just never know, you know?   So take the time, every time, to be up to date.  Up to date with your people, up to date with this beautiful and utterly unique world. 

‘cause you just never know.


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