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June 24, 2013 / Find Your Place In It

Heard at Bryce National Park, following a visit to the Grand Canyon: 

“It’s just rocks. 

I am tired of seeing just rocks.”


Imagine all the things on our planet.  Bring each into your mind’s eye, then imagine each one as a dot, its own dot, but just a very tiny dot.  Here are some things to get you started, and you can look up the ones you don’t know.


albatross   ant   birch   bear   caddisfly   crow   dugong   dog   eel   e. coli bacteria   fern   fig   granite pebble  gopher   hippopotamus  hawkweed   iron ore   ice   jackal   Joshua tree   kingfisher   katydid   lava  lentil   mosquito   man   nautilus   neutron   olivine rock   owl   palm   pigeon   quartz   quoll   rat   raspberry   sandstone   slime mold   taro   trout   uranium   vole   violet   water   woman   xebec   yucca   yeast   zinnia   zyzzyva   and whatever else you like


In your imagination, use the dots (each containing a thing of earth) to construct an image of our whole planet.  Be sure you have included ALL the things on earth, even the ones you haven’t seen or don’t know about.


Then reduce our planet (now composed of dots of all of its things) to a teeny dot, and go ahead and make dots of all of the objects in our little rinky-dink solar system, too. 


There are a lot of these dot-systems in the whole Universe.   More than one could count.


Step back now.  Can you discern your place in it?  Are not you, the plants, the other animals, and yes, the rocks, all the same?  Do not all of these things belong to our gorgeous world and make it what it is, matchless in all the Universe?  You and the rocks.  Rejoice, that you are here to see it.


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