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January 04, 2014 / Snow Bound

We should hurry up, don’t you think?  The snow’s already started, and it’s supposed to get worse in a couple of hours, and go on all night and on into tomorrow afternoon.  They’re saying it’s going to get into the single digits and there will be high winds too, so the wind chill will be below zero!  So let’s hurry up, get the food shopping done this morning while we can still do it, ok?

Wow.  This road is really slippery, even though it’s been plowed.  Careful!  I’m glad to see people are driving so slowly.  It’s good we got our groceries in.  Just in time, it looks like.  Look at that snow coming down!  Want some cocoa?

It’s so dark now, even though it’s only 4:00.  There’s nobody out on the street.  Tiny snowbits whirl through the air.  I wonder how on earth the Indians around here coped with this kind of weather, back in olden days.  You would have to keep your fire alight, and be sure you had enough to eat and drink, and that all your people were safe.  I think they lived in birchbark houses, but it must have been hard.  I’m so glad we are safe here in our warm sturdy house.  We are lucky, aren’t we?  Not everybody is so lucky.

I will put some extra blankets on the bed tonight.

One degree, and the sun has been up for two hours?   Look at that poor house finch sitting all poufed up on the feeder.  And there’s a mourning dove huddled right on the birds’ water heater.  I hope they will be all right.   Let’s turn on the news.  The governor is saying that people should stay home, because of the cold.   A person could get frostbite in just a short time, out there.  

It’s so quiet…I can hear wind, but nothing, nothing else.  Everybody is inside.   Snow still falls.  Just think: it’s water that has risen from the earth, been swept around the heavens and frozen, and now falls down again.  I wonder where each bit has been, before it settled on my street, on my house, on the birds and trees?

That’s about a foot of snow, don’t you think?   It’s blowing all over and it’s still falling, just those little tiny bits, but they sure add up.  Yup, there’s a lot of snow, all right, and it’s still so terribly cold.  Let’s take naps!  We don’t have to hurry.  For this day, we are snow bound, and cannot travel.  Want some cocoa first?


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